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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

On going projects

Part of the reason I started this blog is because I did a count of my wips and ufos. I got to 9! and thats not counting stuff I have planned.


Grim Reaper - So far only the head done on this so really should get a wiggle on if I want to finish it before xmas

Leopards Dress - again something i've barely started but need to finish by xmas

Shawl - making something for myself for a change, this is nearly finished just the other end border and the fringe to do

Tunisian Bag - no pattern for this, it just grew out of teaching myself tunisian crochet, just needs sewing together to finish, evidence that I don't like sewing

Socks - My 1st ever attempt at knitting something other than a square!

Art of Crochet Throw - Have neglegted this for a little while but now have second section of the layout so new enthusiasm has arisen

Art of Knitting Throw - As is evident I haven't really got started on this, but success of learning to purl for socks has given me confidence to continue


Further evidence if any was needed that I don't like sewing are the two granny square throw/blankets I have started but haven't touched in absolutly ages.

Blue squares - started sewing this together but stopped after seeing a throw in a shop, now need to make more squares and replan

Sock Yarn Squares - I want this to be much bigger than is currently possible so I put it on hold when I could no longer get the right wool, now have new source so hopefully be able to continue

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