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Hi, I'm normally an out and out crochet girl but recently I've been persauded or forced to take up other crafty tools and felt I needed somewhere to talk about them

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Well, this weekend was a mixed bag. So busy didn't have time to get any crafting done!!! I plan to get reacquainted with my crochet hooks soon.
  1. Bad - pulled my shoulder while taking part in an open water swim, had to be rescued, lots of pain
  2. Good - arrived at Castle Bolton for last medieval weekend of the season, shoulder feeling much better and sun shining,
  3. Good - an evening of belly dancing, much fun had by all
  4. Good - the dress I had been frantically sewing eyelets for and so doing nothing on any other projects finally sees the light of day and I get many complements on my neat needlework which makes the hours I spent on it totally worthwhile
  5. Bad - arrive home and can't find my house keys, person with spare set isn't answering phone and other spare set are at m&d's 40 miles back up the motorway I've just driven down!!
  6. Good - I find my house keys woo hooo!!
  7. Bad - I wake up on monday morning in lots of pain and can't move my right arm or turn my head!

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