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Monday, 21 January 2013

Thoughts on another year gone by

Well another year has gone by and more projects have been started but only one has been finished!

This massive level of success has lead me to a conclusion, I finish things faster if I'm working to a deadline. The proof being the only project I finished last year was the only project for which I had an it must be finished by date.

Having mentioned this to a friend, she has decided that this year she will give me deadlines for my existing projects. Having said that two of the projects have deadlines (a birthday and Christmas).

With the dawning of 2013 I have also had a long hard look at my wips and hibernated those I haven't touched in ages. I have managed to cut it down to 7 active projects and 10 hibernated projects.

So time for an early night before hitting the hooks tomorrow.

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  1. I had a bit of a sort out over christmas and found a half done cardigan that I started for my older daughter that she has now outgrown and so has her little sister!

    It seems to me that there are sooooo many lovely new projects to be starting when you are in the middle of an existing one that it all gets too tempting.

    Good luck with finishing off!